About Us

  • LabNova Biological is a biotechnology division of LABone Scientific Co., Ltd. LabNova is invested in in-depth research and development for molecular biotechnology including reagents, master mixes, DNA/RNA extraction kits, PCR/qPCR detection kits, etc. in food safety, clinical diagnosis, veterinary …
  • LabNova is invested and equipped synchronously from research, development, product optimization (R&D), quality control (QC), and quality assurance (QA). We’ve owned ISO 7&8 clean rooms to control the environment, fully automatic production systems, cold storage facility to store products according to GMP. We have members as leading experts (PhD and Associate Professors) in the biotechnology field to run our projects.
  • LabNova is certified with ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 and got the CE IVD mark. We always adhere to the strictest quality guidelines, so our customers can be assured of the quality and stability of our products.

LabNova’s motto is constantly learning and always improving products to meet increasingly strict demands on high quality with reasonable prices. 


Contact us immediately to receive free samples as well as to get the best price via hotline 0919 990 267 or Email: labnova@labone.vn for timely advice and support.